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Tia Bank$


Tia Bank$/Tia Bank$/Tia Bank$/Tia Bank$/ Tia Bank$/Tia Bank$/Tia Bank$/Tia Bank$/
Toronto artist Tia Bank$

Tia Bank$

Tia Bank$ is an upcoming female rapper from Toronto who is already making a statement in being one of the top rappers in her city. She writes her own music and spends time perfecting her craft in the studio.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she came to Canada at the young age of 4, and began writing music at 12 as a hobby. After being praised for her bars in a high school cypher, Tia was persuaded to start her rap career.

Her first release was the single “Kill The Game” which created a buzz and got her the feedback she needed to become the rapper she is today.

​​Speaking about her single “Pop Shit,” Tia states:

‘Pop Shit’ is a record where I’m really talking about high confidence, no more being humber and playing it safe, laying low and staying quiet. This is the year they’re going to really feel me, and I express that in my lyrics. I’m confident in myself to deliver heavy reassurance because I know I can back it up. The hook was just a little self-empowering moment to remind myself who I am and what I can do when girls hear those lines, I’m hoping they feel that way too when reciting it.

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