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Liyah/Liyah/Liyah/Liyah/Liyah/ Liyah/Liyah/Liyah/Liyah/Liyah/
Toronto recording artist Liyah


Liyah hails from Toronto, Canada and believes that her purpose is to love, learn, and connect with people. At the tender age of 5, it was evident that Liyah loved to sing. As she grew, Liyah started to perform at musicals, graduations, talent shows, and other special events. At 15, she invested more of herself in her church and became an integral piece of her church choir.

“Music is how I express all different types of emotions,” explains Liyah. “Sometimes music can heal. I love singing in the church so much and being on stage that I began to consider writing and singing my own songs.”

Thanks to her parents, Liyah grew up listening to some of the best in music such as Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, Music Soul child, Erykah Badu, and India Arie. R&B has played a special part of her musical upbringing and her goal is to keep that essence alive as she continues to share her passion on an international stage.

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